What Size Bat Does Aaron Judge Use?


As any baseball player or fan knows, choosing the right bat and size can make a big difference in performance. And for New York Yankees star slugger Aaron Judge that has certainly been the case. Over the years, Judge has used a variety of different bats and bat sizes, each with its own unique benefits. 

So what size bat does Aaron Judge use?

Judge currently uses a 35-inch, 33-ounce Chandler AJ99.2 bat, which is on the larger side for an MLB player. But given his 6’7″ frame, it’s hardly a surprise that he needs a bigger bat than most.

Judge who goes by the nickname ‘BAJ’ has previously used a 34-inch, 32-ounce bat, most notably during his rookie season in 2017 where he set the record for most home runs hit by a rookie in a single season (52), breaking Mark McGwire’s MLB rookie record of 49 and finishing second in the MLB MVP voting that year. Judge followed up his breakout rookie campaign with an even better sophomore season, belting a league-leading 52 home runs while leading the Yankees to within one game of the World Series.

What bat does Aaron Judge Use? 

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Judge used a number of different bats from various manufacturers, including Victus, Louisville Slugger, and Marucci. But it seems like he’s found his perfect match with the AJ99.2 Chandler Bat.

Chandler Bats are one of the most popular baseball bat companies in the world. They’ve been around for over 20 years and have supplied bats for some of the biggest names in major league baseball, including Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Manny Machado. After experimenting with different materials and designs The Chandler Bat Company finally came up with the AJ99, which is now one of the most popular bats in the MLB. 

The Chandler AJ99.2 model bat that Aaron currently uses is made with a hard rock maple wood barrel and a flared knob. The barrel has a medium grain rating and the handle is wrapped with black ultra-suede lizard skin grip tape. (Learn more about different types of baseball bats.) Read: What Are The Different Types Of Baseball Bats?

One other prominent bat he has used recently is the Victus JUD99. Victus bats are known for their performance and durability, and the JUD99 is no different. It’s made from top-quality maple wood, which gives it a great feel and balance. The bat also has a contoured knob that provides a comfortable grip. And at 34 inches, it’s the perfect size for Judge’s 6’7″ frame.

Judge is one of the deadliest hitters in baseball today. He’s an absolute machine at the plate, and his batting average is through the roof. The Yankees hard hitter has played in 6 seasons so far and has a 0.276 batting average, with 571 hits, 158 home runs, 366 Runs Batted In and 402 runs scored. Some of Judge’s success is thanks in part to his trusted bats, and he looks poised to continue his dominance for years to come.

Common Aaron Judge FAQs

What year is Aaron Judge’s rookie card?

The first Aaron Judge cards came out in 2013 and the rookie card came out in 2017 – which means that his cards are already worth quite a bit of money.

How tall is Aaron Judge?

Judge stands 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) tall, this makes him one of the tallest major league players to have played the game.

How long is Aaron Judge’s bat?

His current baseball bat is 35 inches long and his swing weight is 36.5 ounces. 

How much does Aaron Judge weigh?

Judge weighs 282 pounds (128 kg). His weight combined with his height makes him one of the biggest sluggers in the MLB

What is Aaron Judge’s nationality?

Judge is American, he was born and raised in Linden, California.

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