What Cleats Does Tyreek Hill Wear?


Tyreek Hill who goes by the nickname ‘cheetah’ is known for his speed and agility on the field. The wide receiver played 6 seasons with Kansas City Chiefs before being traded to the Miami Dolphins in 2022. He is arguably the fastest player in the NFL, and in his career so far he has worn a variety of different cleats.

So what cleats does Tyreek Hill wear?

Adidas has been Hill’s primary cleat sponsor from early in his NFL career, although he wore Nike cleats at the beginning of his rookie season.

He has worn several different Adidas cleats over the years including, Adidas adiZero Primeknit Cleats, and most recently the Adidas adiZero X cleats.

Adidas adiZero X Cleats

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Hill has worn the Adidas adiZero X cleats for the past couple of seasons. The adiZero X cleats, also known as the adiZero 9.0 are designed for speed and feature a lightweight mesh upper. The cleats also have a sprint web cage and a 360-degree grip and a revamped cleat configuration for added support and stability.

The adiZero X cleats are available in a variety of colors, but the most search for color-way is definitely the yellow/red cheetah print Hill wore during the super bowl.

What is Adidas adiZero technology?

Adidas is always looking for ways to make their products more lightweight and mobile, which they’ve accomplished with the help of Adizero technology.

Through this approach in design, it’s possible not only to reduce weight but also to maintain proper support while doing so. With football cleats that weigh 150g or less, you can get all these benefits without sacrificing any performance on game day thanks again to innovative construction techniques.

What other cleats has Tyreek Hill worn?

Adidas adiZero Primeknit cleats (Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 X Primeknit cleats)


The Adidas adiZero Primeknit cleats are made with Adidas’ signature primeknit upper that conforms to your foot for a comfortable, sock-like feel. The laceless construction provides a sleek look and feel, while still providing support and stability.

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Adidas adiZero 5 star 5.0

The Adidas adiZero 5-star 5.0 football cleats are made with some of the brand’s outstanding and high-grade technologies, making them light enough for you to move comfortably. With an outsole configuration that maintains surefooted grip on any surface, they come in contact too!

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So there you have it! Understandably, Tyreek wears ultra-light cleats and he has for the most part stuck with cleats from the Adidas adiZero line. We’re looking forward to seeing what cleats Hill rocks in his upcoming season with the Miami Dolphins.

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Common Tyreek Hill FAQs

How fast can Tyreek Hill run 100 yards?

In 2013, prior to entering the Tyreek Hill ran the 100-meter dash in 10.19 seconds. Hill runs a 4.29 40-yard dash which is one of the fastest times in the NFL player has ever clocked.

How much does Tyreek Hill make a year?

Tyreek Hill signed a 4-year contract with the Miami Dolphins that includes an average annual salary of $30 million. The signing bonus is worth one-third ($25500000)of the total value, making it easy for him to earn other bonuses by meeting certain performance milestones throughout each season!

Where is Tyreek Hill from?

Hill was born and raised in Pearson, Georgia. He played football and ran track in high school. After graduation, he attended Oklahoma State University where he played for the Cowboys football team. Hill was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016 and has played for the team ever since.

What is Tyreek Hill’s height and weight?

Tyreek Hill is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.78m) and weighs 185 pounds (84kg). He is considered a small receiver but his speed and agility make him a big playmaker on the field. Hill’s small size also allows him to be very elusive, making it difficult for defenders to tackle him.

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