Nick Bosa Cleats: What Cleats Does Nick Bosa Wear?


Nick Bosa, the talented defensive end for the 49ers, has already made a big impact in the NFL and on his team. He helped the 49ers reach the Super Bowl in his rookie season and earned Defensive Rookie of the Year honors along the way.

It’s hard to believe given how much he has already accomplished but Bosa is only now entering his 3rd year in the league. Bosa has rocked some stylish cleats so far in his NFL career, mostly wearing the Nike Air Jordan 1 TD’s. Let’s take a look at a few of the cleats Nick Bosa has worn.

Nick Bosa Cleats – Nike Air Jordan 1 TD Cleats

Nick Bosa has worn various Jordan 1 cleats ever since he entered the NFL. He’s often sporting the famous red and white “Chicago” colorway which looks great with most of the 49ers’ uniforms.

Image from Nike

The Air Jordan 1 TD football cleats offer a perfect balance of performance and style. They include a lace-up mid-height design, which increases fit and keeps players like Nick stable on the irongrid. The cleats have a rubber outsole and 12 teeth cleat plate for superior traction on any surface. The Jordan 1 football cleats also have a lunarlon midsole for lightweight cushioning and are built with synthetic and textile materials for durability and airflow.

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Nick Bosa Cleats – Nike Air Jordan 1 “Gold” Cleats

When Nick Bosa isn’t wearing the iconic Chicago Jordan 1 cleat colorway, we’ve seen him wear a clean pair of all-white ones but the gold and white colorway that he started wearing early on in the 2021-2022 NFL season, they are one of our favorites pairs of cleats.

Image from Sneakernews

The Nike Air Jordan 1 gold cleats are a PE (player exclusive: custom-built shoes that are just built to the requested specifications of the athlete). Unfortunately, like many PEs, it’s unlikely that these pair of cleats will be found in your local Footlocker or Dicks. Either way, we definitely would like to see Nick Bosa boss a few games in these show-stopping cleats.

Other Cleats Nick Bosa Has Worn

My Cause My cleats 2019

In a win over the New Orleans Saint Bosa was wearing custom gold Game of Thrones themed Air Jordan 1 cleats in support of MoreThan4 Athletics, who raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer through sports.

Nike Air Jordan 1 TD Cleats colorways

As mentioned earlier Nick has worn a number of different Jordan 1 colors, including the OG red and black “bred” colorway which was controversially banned when Michael Jordan first wore them in the NBA, and a clean all-white pair. One thing is for sure, Nick Bosa is going to try and match his cleats’ color with the 49ers’ uniform.

Images from Twitter and Getty

That concludes our look at some of the cleats Nick Bosa has worn. It’s fair to say that he is a big fan of all things Jordan 1, and we expect to see him in more exclusive colorways in upcoming games and seasons.

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Nick Bosa Cleats FAQs

What cleats does Nick Bosa wear?

Bosa has almost exclusively worn the Nike Air Jordan 1 TD football cleats. He mostly wears the popular read and white Chicago colorway that matches the 49ers’ uniform perfectly.

Does Nick Bosa have a signature cleat?

No, Nick Bosa doesn’t have a signature cleat, there aren’t many NFL players that do. However, he most likely does have a few PEs (player-exclusive) cleats.

Where to buy Nick Bosa cleats?

You may not be able to buy the exact colorway of Nick Bosa’s cleats but other colorways of the Air Jordan 1 TD can be picked up for around $150+ from various shops.

We may earn a commission when you buy through links on this page. Learn more

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