Great Gift Ideas For Carolina Panthers Fans

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So you’re looking for Carolina Panthers gift ideas for your close family or friends who belong to the Panthers fandom? Well, we’ve got you! Listed below are some unique collectibles, practical gifts, and accessories that any Carolina Panthers fan would love. Let’s dive in! 

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Our Top Gift Ideas for Carolina Panthers Fans In 2022

Best Carolina Panthers Fan Gift For Him: Carolina Panthers Jerseys

Best Panthers Fan Gift For Her: NFL Busy Block Ugly Sweater

Best Panthers Fan Gift For Kids: Carolina Panthers Themed Youth Football

Best & Most Unique Carolina Panthers Fan Gift: Signed Panthers Memorabilia

Best Panthers Fan Gift For Under $50: Carolina Panthers Hats

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Unique Gifts For Carolina Panthers Fans


1. Carolina Panthers Magma Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

A dedicated Carolina Panthers fan is always looking for the latest items to show off their team spirit. 

This Carolina Panthers Magma Lamp features incredible team graphics and high-quality speakers that let you tune into any song in your man cave.


2. Panthers Bold Logo Camo Hoodeez

For any sports fan, collecting clothing from your legendary team becomes a priority. Whether your recipient prefers lounging at home in hoodies or prefers sports team-design hoodies for the game season, this option will leave them speechless!

The Panthers Bold Logo Camo Hoodeez is a statement piece covered in a blue-black tie-dye pattern. The best part of this hoodie is the reversible side that has an ultra-soft lining. 


3. Panthers 3D StadiumViews Picture Frame Team Colors

This cool picture frame features 3D stadium views of the Panthers Bank of America Stadium, along with a space to personalize your own picture.

With a classic woodgrain background, it adds a rustic touch to your house and blends seamlessly with other accompaniments. It’ll make a great, unique-looking gift.


4. Signed Memorabilia

Most, if not all Carolina Panthers fans love a signed copy of memorabilia that they can treasure for life.  

From signed helmets and footballs to rookie card collections, there’s a huge selection to choose from!

Best Carolina Panthers Fan Gifts For Him


5. Carolina Panthers Jerseys

Every Panthers fan needs an iconic team jersey. Carolina Panthers Jerseys are versatile and can be worn both by men and women alike.

This means that you don’t have to worry about buying separate women’s tailgate or women’s gameday jerseys when you’re considering a jersey for your loved ones.


6. Carolina Panthers Solid Big Logo Duffle Bag

While it is tempting to squeeze everything into women’s purses, purchasing a stylish and compact Duffle Bag is always the better option! The Carolina Panthers Solid Logo Duffle Bag has a team-colored design with 4 full-zip pockets and a padded handle for maneuvering. 

Of course, it has the team logo emblazoned on the front so you can show where your allegiances lie on road trips, game days, and week-long adventures. 


7. FL Hashtag Licence Plate

This Panthers-themed license plate would be a great auto gift accessory! The FL Hashtag Licence Plate comes with the Carolina Panthers logo. Place it on your car or even on a mantelpiece as a showpiece. Either way, you’ll make heads turn! 


8. Tri-Fold Wallet & Strap Key Chain

A wallet and strap key chain is a safe gift option when it comes to men’s accessories. 

Although it is creative to explore collectibles that have the team logo or sign, it can be a risky option. This wallet and strap key chain combo negates these circumstances as it is practical and useful for everyone. 

This set features a quality wallet and black strap key chain made with premium craftsmanship and the archetypal team color design. If you are looking for a Carolina Panthers-themed gift for a man, this is a viable option. 


9. Carolina Panthers Hover Football With Bluetooth Speaker

This next option is for a fanatic who loves to flaunt their team spirit. The Carolina Panthers Hover Football with Bluetooth Speaker is a unique yet useful gift that any fan would appreciate. 

Best Carolina Panthers Fan Gifts For Her


10. FOCO NFL Busy Block Ugly Sweater

What’s one thing that everyone finds obnoxious but ends up purchasing at that time of the year? It’s ugly sweaters, of course! You may love or hate it, but you can’t escape the homely feel it gives to the holiday season. 

This FOCO NFL Busy Block Ugly Sweater features a block design with legendary panthers, Christmas trees, and snowflake accents scattered across the team color design. 


11. NFL Woven Throw Blanket

Whether you are a Carolina Panthers fan or not, an NFL Woven Throw Blanket is essential in every household. Staying cozy in a blanket while you cheer for your favorite team on television is a classic example of team spirit! 

The NFL Woven Throw Blanket is represented in classic team colors that won’t fade away with time. Moreover, throw blankets are not limited to the women’s accessories category—they can be applicable to everyone.

Best Carolina Panthers Fan Gifts For The Kids


12. Limited Editions Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are a staple in the kids’ accessories category that can be collected by a wide range of age groups. 

They come in different shapes and sizes. For Panthers fans, limited edition bobbleheads are going to become prized possessions because they know how rare these are!


13. NFL Downfield Youth Football

Get tailgating ready with this NFL Downfield Youth Football that packs features like 5X HD Grip to allow seamless maneuvering during gameplay and a premium rubber material to withstand wear and tear. 

As one of the essentials in tailgating parties and men’s accessories, this football has the Carolina Panthers logo to show your true team spirit. Get party ready with a bunch of diverse accessories to enliven any tailgate game.


14. NFL Joe Journeyman 500-Piece Team Puzzle

Finding the perfect gift for a person with a varying range of interests can be daunting. 

As a gift-giver, you can narrow down your options to useful and entertaining categories, including indoor games, home essentials, and so much more. The NFL Joe Journeyman 500-Piece Team Puzzle contains some hidden goodies for extra thrill and intrigue.

Best Carolina Panthers Fan Gifts For Under $50


15. MasterPieces NFL Playing Cards

For tailgating activities or game day parties, finding games to play can be a struggle. These MasterPieces NFL Playing Cards come to the rescue with the perfect deck for all Panther fans. This deck includes 52 cards and 2 jokers for all kinds of card games.

Panther fans will love this gift as the underside features the team logo design.


16. Carolina Panthers Hats

You can’t go wrong with the gift of a hat! They are useful and in some cases stylish. 

There are plenty of options to choose from, and for all seasons, from baseball caps to knitted hats, and beanies of course.


17. Carolina Panthers Sweaters

Sweaters are clothing essentials, period. It is another practical/useful gift that any fan in the Panthers fandom would make good use of. Just make sure you choose the right size and a somewhat stylish design!

18. Carolina Panthers 5 Pack Shatterproof Ball Ornament Set 

Deck the halls with Carolina Panthers-themed ornaments this Christmas. This Carolina Panthers Ball Ornament Set includes 5 packs of shatterproof ornaments in team colors of black and blue. 

Each of the ornaments is bedecked with the team logo along with snowflake accents. It’ll be a great Christmas Panthers-themed gift.


19. Carolina Panthers 2 Pack Solid Car Flag

Are you looking for the perfect victory symbol that displays the spirit and pride of a true Panthers fan? Look no further as this Carolina Panthers 2 Pack Solid Car Flag.

For someone who is getting their accessories ready for a full-throttle extensive game day, having a solid car flag becomes a staple automatically.

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