Dillon Brooks Shoes: What Shoes Does He Wear (2023)?

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Straight outta Mississauga Ontario (basically Toronto for you non-Canadian folk), Dillon Brooks and his defense have become an integral part of the young, gritty, up-and-coming Memphis Grizzlies team.

Ever since Brooks entered the NBA as the 45th pick in the 2017 NBA draft he has worn Nike basketball sneakers. We’ve seen Brooks wear a number of Nike Hyperdunks, an NBA player’s favorite in the Kobe protro 6’s, and the Nike Kyrie 5s. So what shoes is Dillon Brooks wearing these days? Well, recently he’s been seen wearing the Nike Kyrie Low 5s at the start of the 2022-23 season.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of Dillon Brooks shoes!

Dillon Brooks Shoes – Nike Kyrie Low 5s

Dillon Brooks Nike Kyrie Low 5s Shoes

Nike Kyrie Low 5 Product Details

  • Release Date: 04/2022
  • Style #: DJ6014-101
  • Retail Price: $120

The most recent basketball shoes we’ve seen Dillon Brooks in, are the Nike Kyrie Low 5s. Irving’s signature line continues to deliver high performance for the masses in a more budget-friendly package with the Kyrie Low 5.

The Nike Kyrie Low 5s features include excellent cushioning, breathable fabric similar to previous versions, and has a similar visual style to the Nike Kyrie Infinity. These sneakers also have great traction for an enhanced court feel with every step taken thanks to the top-loaded Zoom Air unit under foot, plus full length Cushlon midsole keeping players grounded during game time.

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Dillon Brooks Shoes – Nike Kobe 6

Dillon Brooks has been seen wearing the league popular Kobe 6’s, most notably during the 2021-2022 playoffs. NBA Players like Ja Morant, P.J. Tucker, AD, and many more all enjoy wearing the Kobe 6’s on the court.

Dillon Brooks Shoes – Nike Kobe 6

Nike Kobe 6 Product Details

  • Release Date: 12/2020
  • Style #: CW2190-300
  • Retail Price: $190

So, why do NBA players love the Nike Kobe 6 Protro’s? They are a retro release of a popular silhouette that Kobe debuted during the 2010-11 NBA Season. Rocking the Kobe 6s is also a way for many players to honor Kobe’s legacy and probably the most important reason why NBA players love the Kobe 6 Protro, it’s a basketball shoe that is extremely comfortable and a well-balanced shoe that has been updated with contemporary Zoom Air cushioning technology. 

Dillon Brooks Shoes – Nike Hyperdunk

During Brooks’ first couple of years in the league, it’s fair to say that he was a fan of the Nike Hyperdunk line and who can blame him? The Hyperdunks’ have been a wildly popular basketball shoe ever since their first release in 2008.

Dillon Brooks Nike Hyperdunks Shoes

Nike Hyperdunk Product Details

  • Release Date: 06/2016
  • Style #: 844368-100
  • Retail Price: $150

In the 2020 NBA bubble season, Dillon Brooks frequently wore the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 version of the Hyperdunk shoe. The 2016 Nike Hyperdunks’ come in a low and high-top style, the high-top version which Dillon wore provides that extra ankle support, while the Zoom Air cushioning ensures a plush feel. The flywire cables integrate with the laces to provide a locked-down fit, and the herringbone outsole pattern offers traction for multidirectional movement.

A List Of Other Shoes Dillon Brooks Has Previously Worn:

  • Nike Kyrie 6
  • Nike Hyperdunk 2017
  • Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut
  • Nike Kyrie 7
  • Nike KD 13
  • Nike PG 1
  • Nike PG 2.5

So there you have it! A detailed list of the various basketball sneakers Dillon Brooks has rocked during his young NBA career. We’ll be on the lookout to see what shoes he is wearing next!

Dillon Brooks Shoes FAQs

What shoes does Dillon Brooks wear?

Dillon Brooks wears Nike shoes. Most recently, he has worn the Nike Kyrie Low 5s, and has previously worn the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut, the Nike Kobe 6 Protro, and the Nike Hyperdunks 2016.

Does Dillon Brooks have signature shoes?

No, the Memphis Grizzlies power forward does not have his own signature shoe. But Brooks probably has a few player-exclusive colorways like many other NBA players in the league.

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